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Girls Own Love and Andrew W.K. - Terminal West

Last night I had the incredible honor of being able to photograph Andrew W.K. and the women in Girls Own Love (a Andrew W.K. cover band from Athens, GA) on their tour stop in Atlanta, GA, at Terminal West. Mr. W.K. was kind enough to offer me two guest passes and a photo pass after I asked if I could take pictures on Twitter.

Holy crap...this was no show. It was a party. The stage was crowded, the pit was intense, the music was, of course, incredible. Everyone was super cool letting me jump infront of them to grab a quick shot and then to get out.

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Sorry about your glasses Sean. Thanks for the heads up.

All pictures were taken with a Nikon D7100 with a 35mm 1.8 lens, except the last two, which were taken with an iPhone 6 with the Moment Case and Moment Wide lenses. All shots were edited in Lightroom. I did use VSCO film and Filtergrade on them as well. If you'd like to hire us, please use our contact page to reach out. Thanks!

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